Inspired by The Laughing Angels and packed with powerful information, You’re A Miracle…Pass It On! will enlighten, inspire and motivate kids by inviting them to learn:

  • The healing power of laughter
  • To celebrate and treasure the values of the past
  • To take simple actions to help others that can change the world
  • To nurture creativity in whatever form
  • To take better care of our planet
  • To nurture peace

Biographies and photos of people who have made (and are making) a difference in the world are combined to highlight such diverse and inspirational people as Jane Addams, Amber Coffman, Gandhi, Patch Adams, Martin Luther King, Anne Frank, Craig Kielburger, Mary Cassatt, Chief Seattle, Nkosi Johnson and many, many more!  Links to organizations creating positive changes (many founded by kids) are also featured.

Today’s kids are the creators of tomorrow’s world.  You’re A Miracle…Pass It On! will challenge kids to step up to the plate and make a difference in the world by facilitating awareness, presenting positive values, offering motivation and inspiration and calling kids to action.  When you know something exists and how it works you can make it real in your life and pass it on!

Available at:, Ingram Books, Baker & Taylor, Trafford Publishing (  Now also available on Amazon Kindle.


  • About the Artist



     Monica Dougherty is an artist, author and art therapist, passionate about the arts and media.  She has worked in television (NBC-TV in NYC) in a variety of production facilities.  She also worked for a time at the Goodman Theater in Chicago. Along the way have been countless jobs as a temp (way too many to mention) and a few longer-term bread and butter jobs to pay the bills as a freelance artist and graphic designer.


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You're a Miracle

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Photography Credits
The author and publishers wish to thank the following f...
“All things are connected.” Chief Seattle These co...
The Golden Rule …
"Therefore, whatever you want men to do to you, do also...
Peace is the only way to save the planet.  Fighting on...
Caring for the Earth
The people who were native to America lived in close ...
Creativity allows you to express yourself in your own...
Compassion and Health
Compassion is really about loving yourself first and ...
Responsibility means being someone who can be counted o...
Celebrating the Past
Knowing about the past helps you understand the prese...
Joy and Laughter
Laughter can actually heal the body and spirit.  The s...
What’s different, the same and unique all at the same...
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